How the 'Halo' TV series misunderstands the video game's fans

There's a long history of video game adaptations that walk the line between the dedicated and the uninitiated. For 'Halo,' this is the wrong ambition.

Here's how to stream the Halo TV series in Canada

The long-waited live-action TV series adaptation of Xbox's massively popular Halo TV series is finally here.

Twitter Announces Exclusive Watch Parties for New Halo TV Series …

As it looks to tap into the rising popularity of gaming in the app, and establish stronger links in the gaming community, Twitter has announced that it will …

Master Chief's helmet always had to come off in the Halo series

Master Chief has always been more about his armor than his character, which had to change for the Halo TV show now on Paramount Plus, according to actor …

Halo TV series streaming guide: Release date, where to stream, plot …

Paramount's take on the Chief is finally due to hit select streaming services next week – as a primer, here's everything we know about the Halo TV series.

Halo TV Series Episode 1: Contact Review

The first episode of the Halo TV series is out on Paramount+, there are some great moments along with several changes to Master Chief.

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