Doja Cat says 'i quit' after tweet-spat with Paraguayan fans

Doja Cat tweets 'i quit' after getting into heated arguments on social media over a canceled show in Paraguay and her lack of response to fans there.

Doja Cat changes Twitter name to 'i quit'

Singer and rapper Doja Cat signaled she may be taking a break from music following an online exchange on Thursday.

Doja Cat says she's quitting music: "Y'all take care"

Last night, after engaging in an online fight with fans from Paraguay, rapper Doja Cat tweeted that she is quitting music. Advertisement.

Doja Cat Says She's Quitting Music

Doja Cat tweeted early Friday morning that she was quitting music during a heated back-and-forth with fans who were upset about a canceled performance.

Doja Cat tells fans she's walking away from music: “I quit” – 97.9 …

Say it ain't so! Doja Cat told fans she is quitting music after a particularly nasty Twitter row with her South American fans. Fans from Paraguay claim the …

Doja Cat Says She's Quitting Music After Clashing With Fans Online

Doja Cat claims she “quits” music after a heated dispute with fans on social media about a cancelled festival performance.

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