Passengers flee following security scare at Cancun airport

The President of Brazil has been sent to a military hospital after reportedly feeling unwell … Brazil's President Bolsonaro has been hospitalised after feeling …

Mexico Police Say No Evidence of Gunshots at Cancun Airport

Mexico authorities said they found no evidence of gunshots or explosions at Cancun's international airport after they received reports of shots fired and …

Tourists run amid bangs at airport in Mexico's Cancun resort

Tourists have been sent scrambling by loud bangs heard at the international airport in the Mexican resort of Cancun.

Passengers flee Cancun airport after loud noise in terminal

Loud bangs at Cancun Airport caused passengers to scramble for the exits, but authorities have confirmed the noise were not from gunfire.

Cancun airport shooting fears cause panic among tourists

Panicked tourists scrambled to flee the international airport in the Mexican resort of Cancun after loud sounds were believed to be gunshots.

Cancun Airport Temporarily Evacuated After Reported Blast

Cancun International Airport (Photo: via Arkadiusz Wargula / iStock / Getty Images Plus). Travelers reported a chaotic scene inside Mexico's Cancun …

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