Maybe slow down on the Deshaun Watson trade dreams

ESPN's Chris Mortensen sent the Miami Dolphins fanbase into a craze this week with speculation that Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, unhappy …

4 reasons why the Texans aren't trading QB Deshaun Watson

There are rumors swirling that the Houston Texans could trade quarterback Deshaun Watson, but here are four reasons why they will not.

Jerry Rice: 49ers have to go for Deshaun Watson if he's available

Deshaun Watson's reported unhappiness with the Houston Texans adds another layer of intrigue to the 49ers' quarterback situation going into the offseason.

60 Seconds: Deshaun Watson landing in Denver is 'never going to …

Deshaun Watson wants out of Houston, but Cecil Lammey said the QB landing with the Broncos is "never going to happen"

Why Houston Texans Should Explore Trading Deshaun Watson

Conventional wisdom says the Texans would be insane to seriously explore trading Watson. But it might be the best way out of their self-inflicted mess.

Why the 49ers Should Go All in for Deshaun Watson

When a blockbuster trade with so many draft picks is brought up, the first thing that people will point to as a reason that it should not be considered is that …

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