Netflix's Outside the Wire Review – IGN

Outside the Wire, which stars the MCU's Anthony Mackie as an android solider, is a bloated and bland sci-fi offering.

'Outside the Wire' Review: At War With the Robots

This Netflix film starring Anthony Mackie is neither curious nor bold in the ways it depicts a sentient robotic revolt.

Anthony Mackie's Outside the Wire ending explained

Netflix's Outside the Wire stars Anthony Mackie as Captain Leo, an android soldier on a mission of his own. This is the movie's ending explained.

Outside The Wire: Who is in the cast of the Netflix movie?

Marvel star Anthony leads the stellar cast, and viewers might see familiar faces as the stars have appeared in just about everything from House of Cards to …

Anthony Mackie Talks 'Outside The Wire' Franchise Hopes And The …

The actor and producer discusses his franchise hopes for the Netflix sci-fi action movie and wanting to become "the Dick Wolf of New Orleans."

Where was Outside the Wire filmed? Explore Netflix's Eastern …

Outside the Wire arrived on Netflix on January 15th but where was the Anthony Mackie-starring movie filmed? What filming locations were used?

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