Live: 'Sonic boom' heard in Herts as residents react to 'loud bang'

An apparent 'sonic boom' reverberated across the county – as well as in other parts of the UK including Essex and Cambridgeshire – at around 1pm today ( …

Sonic boom heard over East of England as RAF intercepts civilian …

A Typhoon aircraft "safely escorts" a civilian aircraft to Stansted Airport, an RAF spokesman says.

Live updates as suspected sonic boom 'rattles windows' across Cambs

A thick smoke trail was seen in the sky moments after Cambridge residents heard a loud boom.

Sonic boom from RAF jet heard across London, Essex and Cambridge

Millions of residents across London, Essex and Cambridge were startled by a sonic boom explosion of an RAF jet breaking the sound barrier.

Sonic boom after RAF Typhoon jets scrambled to intercept private …

People say the noise was like a bomb had gone off as the jets broke the sound barrier to intercept the plane.

Sonic boom heard across Suffolk and Essex explained

A sonic boom, which was heard as far as Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgshire this afternoon, is revealed to have been a civilian aircraft being intercepted by two …

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