Sonic boom: RAF home-schooling lesson after Typhoon intercepts …

The air force video explains why homes were shaken in the East of England on Tuesday.

Live: 'Sonic boom' heard in Herts as residents react to 'loud bang'

Residents took to social media after the incident to discuss what sounded like an 'explosion' going off. The RAF has now confirmed that a Typhoon aircraft was …

Video captures moment huge sonic boom shook London

The huge bang resonated throughout parts of London, Cambridgeshire and Essey yesterday, leaving people jumping out of their skin and staring to the skies for …

Sonic boom from RAF jet heard across London, Essex and Cambridge

Millions of residents across London, Essex and Cambridge were startled by a sonic boom explosion of an RAF jet breaking the sound barrier.

Updates as sonic boom 'rattles windows' across Cambs

A thick smoke trail was seen in the sky moments after Cambridge residents heard a loud boom.

Sonic boom after RAF Typhoon jets scrambled to intercept private …

People say the noise was like a bomb had gone off as the jets broke the sound barrier to intercept the plane.

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