Facebook, Twitter, and Social-Media Stocks Are Falling After Capitol …

Twitter, Facebook, and other social-media stocks are feeling the heat as one analyst says the rules of engagement online are about to change.

Twitter Stock Drops In Reaction To Permanent Suspension Of Trump

Twitter stock dropped Monday in reaction to its decision to permanently kick President Donald Trump off its social media platform.

Why Twitter Stock Was Slumping Today

Shares of the social media stock pulled back after the company's decision to ban President Trump on Friday evening.

Twitter tumbles as Trump ban puts social media in spotlight

Twitter Inc's stock tumbled over 6% on Monday after its move to permanently suspend U.S. President Donald Trump's widely-followed account spurred concern …

Twitter shares close down more than 6% first trading day after Trump …

Twitter made the decision to remove President Trump "due to the risk of further incitement of violence," after the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Twitter stock plunges after Trump ban | TheHill

Twitter's stock plunged roughly 7 percent on Monday following the company's decision Friday evening to permanently ban President Trump from the platform.

Shares of Twitter drop following permanent ban on Trump's account

Shares of Twitter undefined fell 6% on Monday, following an announcement by the microblogger late last week that it has permanently suspended the account of …

Tech leads stock retreat from record highs as conservative …

U.S. equity markets were fell Monday morning as investors weighed Big Tech's censorship of President Trump and conservative voices.

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